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Benefits & Impact:


 Once our companies are fully developed and highly profitable, we will assist them in exiting to PE, SPAC, IPO, and other options, resulting in:

  • High return and demonstrated social impact for our investors: Wealthy patrons that are sensitive to racial issues and corporations who have diversity initiatives will receive low risk, high return, and proven social impact. 

  • A healthy exit for our owners: Baby Boomer BIPOC and Women entrepreneurs looking for an exit and aspiring to do something meaningful upon retirement will receive a wealth nest egg, as well as extra to invest in diverse businesses and philanthropy

  • Better services for underserved communities: Aspiring and current BIPOC and Women professionals will have the opportunity to grow their careers, resulting in well-established, financially successful community leaders. More money will be spent on education and health, leading to the successful development of communities and the next generation.

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