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Black Owned Businesses: The Importance of Seeking Funding & Resources

Small business are the heartbeat of the American economy and so, if one #smallbusiness fail in our community , we are also failing. To invest in the #economy , we must invest in Black Busnisses. There are 2.6 Black owned businesses with and without emplyees. These Black-owned businesses generate $150 billion in anual revenue and support 3.6 million U.S jobs. And also these businesses tend to hire from within their community creating economic opportunnity for neighborhood residents.

If Black-owned businesses do not have the resources required to build a healthy business, that means that the wealth creastion is not happening in that community , so an individual is not having access to wealth and the generational wealth is going to be hampered as well.

It is important for all of us that Black-owned businesses in our community thrive.

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