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  • Leah Zveglich

The Part of History You've Always Skipped | Neoslavery

The first step of any change is having a realistic understanding of the current status and setting SMART (specific measurable achievable realistic and time-bound) goals. This video is long but is definitely worth watching. It walks you through the #ushistory in the context of #slavery giving a detailed account of changes in laws and practices. It's the real version of history, not a beautified glorified textbook version. It's hard to believe but #forcedlabour = #moderndayslavery is prevalent today around the world. Our attempt to undo #injustice is investing in small professional service companies owned by black people. We believe supporting already successful #blackentrepreneurs to accumulate wealth and use it wisely for the community is a shortcut to long-standing #racialwealthgap. #racialdisparities created over the last 400 years are not going to get solved overnight. As long as more people are aware of the issues and work toward it, any progress is better than #denial or no progress.

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