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  • Leah Zveglich

What is Meritocracy?

#meritocracy is believing that anyone who tries hard can make it. Especially in the US, the land of opportunities, many people believe that as long as you work hard, you can make it. We assume that people who did not make it did not try hard enough.

In any society and under any condition, there are exceptional people who make it in spite of difficulties. They are 0.01% of people. For most of us, we do better when we get support. For example, people who are natural-born leaders are less than 1%. With good leadership training and coaching, over 30% of can be good leaders. That's the idea behind universal education. Most of us will barely read and write without universal education. Less than 1% are natural entrepreneurs. With proper training and support, many of us can be successful #entrepreneurs. That's why there are so many #entrepreneurshipeducation, #incubators, and #accelerators besides government programs.

When it comes to #racialequity, many people use the argument of meritocracy. They believe the current system is OK pointing out a few exceptional black, indigenous, people of color and women who are successful. They are exception, not norm. Just because we have those exceptional people, it does not mean that the current system is working. We want to expand 0.01% to 30%.

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