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  • Leah Zveglich

Why Versity Partners focus on #professionalservices companies?

With the internet boom and the growth of ICT technologies, a lot of wealth has been created. However, this creates a bigger #racialwealthgap as technology and opportunity access is not equally distributed. This applies at an individual, community, and country level.

Though technological advancement is great, we cannot live just with technologies. We still need #brickandmortar businesses and basic business services that could be technology-enhanced but still need professionals.

By focusing on professional service businesses owned by #bipoc & #womenentrepreneurs, we want to strengthen the foundation of #professionalservices that every BIPOC & Women-owned businesses need. We want to bring capital, expertise, and network to these entrepreneurs so that they can grow their businesses. We want to create more #professional jobs that cannot be replaced by AI. We are creating an BIPOC & Women business eco-system.

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